VP of Creative Services


The Ohio State University | Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

I descend from a long line of engineers — mechanical, electrical and nuclear. Being the first in my family to pursue a career in the visual arts has left a few family members scratching their heads in disbelief. I’ve had a passion for both music and art since I was a child and I am always thankful that I found a career that allows me to explore those interests without having to immerse myself in the engineering world.

In addition to photography, print and web design, my passion for creativity doesn’t stop there. Whether it be landscaping, a deck design, a kitchen remodel, a theatrical costume — any opportunity to design and create is always a welcome one.


Drums, drums, drums, since I was 12. Guitar since 17. Co-written and recorded two full-length albums with my bandmates — while NOT killing each other during the process.


Inspired by creativity and food, Steve’s original passion and career was as a gourmet chef. Just like many head chefs, Steve had a temper when substitutions were made or added to his masterpieces. This resulted in a table-wrestling incident where Steve body slammed a patron who added salt to Steve’s world-renowned soufflé. Fortunately for Steve, the man he body slammed was a promoter for professional wrestlers. This man convinced Steve to put his cooking career on hold and turn to a life of wrestling. He was known as the Iron Chef and would routinely tap into his rage to beat his opponent. During a wrestling event in early 1994, a group of television executives happened to be in attendance. They had been struggling for a new show idea and thought a night of barbarianism would help clear their minds. What they didn’t expect was the Iron Chef. As they watched Steve defeat opponent after opponent after opponent and remain the Iron Chef, king of the ring, the execs all came up with the same idea for a television show, and in the fall of 1994, Friends aired for the first time.

Steve eventually hung up his tights and apron and looked for a career with fewer bodies flying. He has yet to find it, but for now, enjoys being creative on a Mac.