Online hotel franchisee stores provide on-brand marketing, on demand

Launch your hotel franchisee marketing and signage store to empower autonomy while safeguarding what makes your brand unique.

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Introducing BrandGPO

BrandGPO helps you & franchisees put an end to…

…with your own online store for marketing materials, signage & more

Every card, sign, collateral & more

Easily stock your online store with everything a franchisee needs to thrive. From business cards to room keys, signs to stationery, your franchisees can access all your branded materials.

Easy to customize & order

Just like buying anything else online, your franchisees simply log in, shop and place their order. Enable customizations within your existing brand guidelines.

Save money while boosting your brand

Leverage better prices and promote brand compliance by uniting franchises into a single ordering system. Avoid the costs of mistakes, waste, and others caused by overburdened managers and isolated vendors.

Control access & permissions

Give full or restricted access to users and locations. Make certain products, templates or materials available to different user types. Empower teams with confidence that comes with on-brand convenience.

Client Spotlight

Serving 700+ Red Roof Inns for 14+ years

Since 2010, Red Roof Inn trusts BrandGPO by PPA Agency to build, maintain and optimize its online brand asset catalog for franchisees.

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Personalized experiences for every franchise

Personalized experiences for every franchise

Tailor the online buying experience for franchises based on their brand, location and more. You can even lock and unlock certain items, like Smoke Free signage, based on a location’s latest status.

Top quality products & materials

Top quality products & materials

BrandGPO brings you exceptional products from trusted, vetted vendors who understand the needs of hospitality marketers and franchisees.

Add on marketing & design services

Add on marketing & design services

Backed by PPA Agency’s 40 years of marketing expertise, BrandGPO offers project-based services and retainers for strategy, copywriting, design and more.

How BrandGPO works for hotel & hospitality brands:

We build your branded online store
Customized to suit your brand and corporate requirements. Complete ecommerce experience with checkout.
Design, source, and order items
We work with you to bring branded marketing assets, signs, and more to life. Stock your corporate inventory and print-on-demand options.
Onboard franchisees, staff, and locations
Set the right access and permissions for franchisees, managers, and corporate employees. Customize location-specific needs and restrictions.
Place orders and pay online, anytime
Franchise teams have access to your BrandGPO website whenever they need to place orders. Easily process online with credit card or purchase order.
Free shipping direct to franchise location
The BrandGPO system manages vendors and logistics while monitoring inventory. Get low-stock alerts and other insights on your marketing materials.
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Online brand asset stores for multi-location hospitality brands

Whether your hospitality brand covers the state, region, or nation, BrandGPO sets you up with an intuitive online store for marketing and branding assets. You control the brand while franchisees manage their own locations’ needs. BrandGPO revolutionizes brand asset management for:

Economy hotels

Protect the millions you’ve invested in branding. Bring easy online marketing orders to 100s of locations.

Premium hotels

Elevate the guest experience while remaining cost-effective. Ensure premium assets with local customizations.

Extended stay

Meet the communications needs associated with in-room kitchens, laundry services, and other long-stay services.


Uphold your brand while serving the unique needs of camps and campers. Outdoor and seasonal materials are available.

Resorts & entertainment

Keep pace with dynamic schedules and diverse attractions while protecting your brand across locations.

Conference & event centers

Promote hotel or standalone event capabilities with signage and assets throughout the entire space.

Corporate HQ

Utilize the BrandGPO franchisee store for corporate marketing needs, too. Easily order for sales teams, events and more.

Contact us today to learn more about BrandGPO, or take a guided tour, or start building your store!