Agency Account Manager


Marietta College | Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication

With experience in various marketing areas, including SEO, content management, social media, and website design, I recognized early on that marketing was my ideal career path. After 7+ years of marketing experience and winning two website awards, my interest in account management and client relations only continued to grow. As a result, I joined PPA Agency as the Agency Account Manager in 2022.

I reside in Columbus with my three animals — Cupcake, Oliver, and Fritz — and enjoy reading personal development books while sipping (or chugging, depending on the day) a Starbucks shaken espresso.


I have always wanted to work at a store as a cashier. As an extrovert, I find something thrilling about being around people all day, checking out groceries, and engaging in small talk. I even begged my parents to buy me a cash register as a child (they didn’t). But on the bright side, I think I know my retirement plans.


Before joining PPA, Melinda had an interesting past – it’s entirely classified and what we are about to tell you cannot be shared with anyone.

Melinda always wanted to be a secret agent, an “International Woman of Mystery,” as she put it. In 2018, Melinda was recruited by the Secret Homeland Essential Services for Heroic Extremes Department, or SHESHED for short. Her first and only assignment was critical to maintaining the world’s supply of peanut butter as the evil Mr. Peanut had set his monocle sight on hoarding and controlling the global peanut supply chain. Mr. Peanut had already taken control of the shipping ports for the world’s three largest peanut exporting countries of India, Sudan and the United States. The U.N. was having trouble locating Mr. Peanut, but Melinda believed he was hiding in Brazil as he was clearly over roasted by being exposed to the sun and had become a little too nutty. She followed her instincts and was right. Melinda had to crack her way into his fortress and by disguising herself as a cashew statue, she made her way to Mr. Peanuts office. She crippled him by kicking away his cane and was able to easily apprehend the nutorious villain. He was brought before a U.N. criminal tribunal and Melinda was awarded several accommodations for allowing peanut butter to once again spread freely across the globe. Unfortunately, the mission left a bad taste in her mouth as she didn’t enjoy as-salt-ing a man with a monocle, wearing a top hat and using a cane. Melinda quietly retired and returned to civilian life.

The next time you are enjoying the smooth, creamy taste of peanut butter, thank Melinda. And the next time you need to discuss your creative service needs, think of Melinda.

This true story we made up will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…