Art Director


Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD)

I received my design and illustration education in the pre-computer days, when we did everything by hand and I consider my familiarity with those skills one of my strengths as a designer. Just don’t ask me to go back to using a waxer!

I have over 30 years of design experience and have been with PPA Graphics for 12 years. My influences include mid-century design, British folk art and hand-drawn typography. In addition to my duties as a designer, I serve as security officer Breezy’s cook, chauffeur and amanuensis.


I think of my computer as my glowing plastic friend.


Torn between the glamour of being a nun and her gift of drawing, Lisa was naturally drawn to the Columbus Convent of Art & Devine (the other CCAD) where she excelled and later became the top high school art teaching nun in Ohio. Contrary to Bob Ross, Lisa does not believe in happy accidents and would routinely smack her students with brushes, pencils or whatever she could swing. This led to the controversial Billy Baily Brush-wacking Incident of 1994, and ultimately, Lisa’s resignation from teaching and the Sisterhood. This allowed Lisa to focus her efforts on her art and discover her new loves – animals, baking, bacon and coffee.

Lisa routinely brings baked goodies in to her fellow PPA team. On most days, Lisa can be found sitting quietly, working away on a great new design, but occasionally she finds the coffee pot empty and this leads to knuckles once again cracking – but not actual cracking of knuckles as Lisa can’t stand the sound.


Before joining CCAD, Lisa had a brief career in Las Vegas – you know her better by her stage name, Bad Habit Betty.