Kara Bottoms

Cedarville University | MBA
Kent State University | Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Communication Design

I approach design as a building block toward a bigger picture. My work is heavily influenced by two very different styles: the bold, typographic nature of Swiss design and the softness and elegance of the Arts and Crafts Movement. In addition to graphic design, I’m also a portrait and wedding photographer.


Since childhood, Kara has had two passions in life; horses and NASCAR. It’s difficult to combine these two passions – unless you are Kara. In 2016, Kara began harness racing with her trusty steed, Judah. Unfortunately for the other horses and their riders, Kara and Judah were unbeatable, winning every race by an average of four furlongs. Kara and Judah became bored with the lack of competition and it was at that time when a pair of NASCAR representatives named George Joseph and Joseph George approached Kara about a new opportunity. That’s right, Kara became the first and only, 1 horsepower NASCAR racer in history. Other drivers scoffed at the entire idea and called it nothing more than a publicity stunt. As it turns out…they were right. Kara and Judah finished dead last in every race, but this didn’t stop Judah from becoming a star. He loved the spotlight and let it go to his head, even charging 10 apples for every shoe print. With Kara’s help, he has managed to keep his ego in check, but he will soon be appearing in the not-so-much anticipated remake of Mister Ed, staring Judah as Mister Ed and Nicholas Cage as Wilbur.

Kara on the other hand has returned to her backup passions of owning an agency.