Graphic Designer


University of Cincinnati | Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication Design

I have always been a maker of things and a collector of supplies. This passion manifested in childhood as bins of paper, paint, glitter glue, and other adornments. Nowadays, my creativity manifests as a desktop loaded with relevant design programs and an attitude of excitement to start a new project. As a designer, I enjoy thinking logically and creatively about design problems. I’ve received feedback that I’m a natural at task management, and I use this skill to juggle multiple projects at once. In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for top national and international brands, as well as in-house and agency settings.


I once roasted marshmallows on top of a volcano in Guatemala.


The self-proclaimed “World’s Biggest Sylvester Stallone Fan,” Emily has seen every Sly film at least twice, her favorite being the 1987, Razzie Award winner “Over the Top.” She loves this movie so much, it actually inspired her to take up arm wrestling. As a teenager, Emily entered her first Jr. Regional Big Guns Tournament. After a rocky start, she went on to defeat four competitors and split a match with reigning champion, Carter Bruiserton. In highschool and college, Emily would compete in tournaments throughout Ohio and the midwest amassing an 1831 rating. Her coach, Joe Bomowski, was asked in an interview what the secret was to Emily’s success. Bomowski replied, “Quiet intimidation. It’s her internal rallying cry – she stares into the soul of her opponent and in that moment, they know she will win. Then, she strikes like a cobra.”

When Emily had the opportunity to compete at the World Arm Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas, it felt like she was a real Lincoln Hawk. She even decided to obtain her CDL and drive a big rig from Ohio to Las Vegas, stopping at local dive bars along the way challenging locals to a match. With each victory, she pocketed some cash but while doing so, she realized she wasn’t as driven as she once was. Emily also discovered that Carter Bruiserton was going to be in Las Vegas as well and she didn’t want to participate in a grudge match. She just didn’t feel like she had it in her to get Carter. Emily’s fans, being left on an eternal cliffhanger, had to dream on about how far Emily could have gone. Even though it went against the arm wrestlers creed, Emily decided this career was expendable and returned to Ohio where she lives the good life and enjoys binge watching Tulsa King with her dogs Tango and Cash.