VP of Web Development


Ohio Dominican University | Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

My desire to be creative with my life began when I was a child. I use to seek solutions for various “problems” as I saw them around the house. My mom called me her “little idea man.” I decided to pursue a career in visual communications and put these ideas to work. I attended Ohio Dominican University and excelled in the visual communications program. Following college, I was a jack-of-all-trades; graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, production artist and web designer. Around 2008, I decided it was time for me to focus my skills on a more defined area of design and I determined that would be graphic design and print production – I have been a web designer/developer with PPA ever since. I have over 20 years experience as a graphic designer and over 17 years as a web developer spending the past 14+ years with PPA.


I once won an Elvis impersonating contest. It hasn’t changed my life as I don’t get recognized anywhere.


Andy is best known as the original Animal from the Muppets. In the spring of 2008, Animal got lost after a photo shoot but then saw a familiar little green frog walking ahead of him. He followed the frog several blocks hoping to find his other friends, but instead ended up on a new street – better known as, Sesame Street. Animal found “the street” to be a magical place where colors were more vibrant, letters were bolder and numbers were…number-ie-er. He decided to stay. Over time, and contrary to his trademark wild man persona, he began to find an inner peace – when he felt a bout of rage coming on, he would close his eyes and count, with the Count, to 10. He discovered the joys of being both near and far, how to tell when one thing was not like the other and learned new songs about rubber duckies. Unfortunately, there is a rule on the street that visitors can stay no longer than a week and are forbidden to tell others how to get to said street. Animal returned to his life with his Muppet friends, but when they discovered where he had been, they became relentless in trying to get Animal to crack and tell them all how to get to Sesame Street. One particularly spunky pig threatened to “HIYA” him to pieces if he didn’t spill the beans. For his safety, he was placed into witness protection and assumed the identity of Andy Wahlenmaier. He was placed in a low-key job as a web designer/programmer for PPA.

We probably shouldn’t have mentioned any of this, but who reads the about us section of a website anyway.