Senior Graphic Designer


Otterbein University | Bachelor of Science in Communication Design

I suffer from a severe case of imagination and social butterfly disorder. Pair these with a love for art and you have yourself a designer. Working in the creative field has allowed me to put these characteristics to good use and provide solutions for clients’ branding needs with unique and engaging designs. After graduating in 2017, I went to work for one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest. Ultimately, I felt an urge to take the valuable career skills I honed while there over to the client side, where I now work on new and exciting design challenges daily at PPA.

When I’m not at work, I may be hunting down a delicious doughnut with my husband, organizing our vinyl record collection, renovating every inch of our house or playing with our Beagle/Dachshund, Bowie. David Bowie.


I have a very sparkly smile thanks to the two gems placed on my cuspids.


There’s nothing Savanna loves more than a hot dog. No, not a hotdog, a hot dog – a good looking dog. That’s why she has been into Competitive Dog Grooming since the age of 8. It all started one spring afternoon when she saw her first poodle. Its coat was clean, crisp, perfectly groomed and ready for attention. Savanna thought this dog was born this way, but after asking her mom a dozen questions she learned that the dog had been to a professional groomer. That night, Savanna practiced grooming for the first time — the subject was her lifelong friend and stuffed animal, Mr. Moppy. Things didn’t end well for Mr. Moppy and Savanna learned a valuable lesson; only practice on things that can regrow their hair (Savanna’s brother would beg to disagree). Soon Savanna was grooming all of the neighborhood dogs, whether their owners had requested it or not is another matter, but this propelled Savanna deep into professional grooming competitions. She has groomed dogs to look like bushes, tigers, football players and even Big Bird. While the world of Competitive Dog Grooming is filled with fame, it comes with very little fortune, so Savanna spends her days creating incredible designs and layouts at PPA but her nights…her nights belong to hot dogs.